Life is ever changing

My life has been a whirlwind since our little miracle was born.  There have been days of great joy and love, and days filled with worry and despair; but still great love. When you become a parent, every decision is more critical, as it’s about the child and not just about you or your spouse. I question myself often, I pray a lot and I just hope that our child knows that every decision we make is out of love for them; to try to make their life better. I know there will be criticism for what I am about to write, but I am desperate; and I believe in miracles.

Dear JJ Watt,

The idea to write to you came to me last night, as my stomach churned and I fought back tears. My spouse and I have been together for 18 years, and we’re finally legally married last year. We had tried off/on for years to have a child. We had several failed attempts, but in 2015, I gave birth to our miracle child. There is absolutely no greater love than to be a parent. Absolutely, the GREATEST LOVE.

My spouse & I both lost our jobs while on FMLA and like so many families, we didn’t have sufficient money set aside. We tend to be more charitable than our bank account allows and we put family before money. So, it was decided, I would be a stay at home mom.  This was my dream come true, but it put a lot of pressure on my spouse.

In January 2016, my spouse started a job that actually held promise. Promise to help us catch up on all our overdue bills & personal debts; promise for a future. It came with a heavy price tag, of my spouse being away from home, away from our son, for 4 -5 days a week. But, we used FaceTime and made the most of it. We had a few setbacks, but we were starting to feel pretty good about our financial future. Then in July, after 4 weeks within work, my spouse was laid off.

We believe everything in life happens for a reason. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But as much as we believe that, it’s so much harder when you have a little one that relies on you. You always want your child to feel safe, to feel secure…to know everything will be ok. And we know it will. We have great faith in God and know he has a plan for us.

So, we have fought to keep our home. But we think now maybe God has other plans for us. It has always been our dream to live on a few acres, to be in the earth, to grow a garden and have a few critters. To live a SIMPLE life. And in this time of so much violence, we feel it’s even more important to raise our child in a more country/simple life.

We can’t afford land here in Texas. So, we are taking a huge leap of faith and hoping to move back to MO, where all our family resides. My mother is in hospice care for Dementia and my elderly father isn’t doing too well. Our child is his only grandchild, so we think and believe that God wants us to be with my parents before it’s too late. And as a mother, I know I need to make peace with my mom, to be an even better mom.

Our hope is to sell our home, this would allow us to be able to make the move. If we do not sell our home, we can’t go. We are struggling a lot. I even set up a Go Fund Me page in hopes to raise money for moving costs, money I will gladly repay, once I can.

So, why did I write to you? Maybe I’ve watched so many commercials with you and heard so many good things, that I actually believe you ARE a superhero!! My spouse and I are dreamers. But we know that God makes dreams come true, our miracle child is proof of that.

Our hopes/dreams for the future: to spend time with my parents and help our child to have great memories with them, to live a simple life on a few acres (to become more self sufficient & decrease/eliminate our debts), to FINALLY realize our dream of starting a nonprofit to help others.

Mr. JJ Watt, I’m not asking you for money. And I realize there are people in greater need than we are. But, when you are a parent, you just want security and stability for your kids. Our child runs around the house all smiles, but there are moments when you can see the unease come over their face. They don’t understand why their pets are no longer there (they are with my dad), or why things are being boxed up. It’s heartbreaking, but we truly believe the decision to move is the right one. So, what am I asking of you?  To help us spread the word about our GoFundMe page and to share our listing on our home. We need to go ahead and get moved, so our family can start to settle in to a new routine. Thank you so much.

We are looking for help with moving costs, every dollar helps and its help we would be willing to repay once we get settled.  We’ve been told our home would sell better with neutral tones of paint, 2 inch blinds and granite countertops; but we are struggling to pay our bills. We need to sell our home for a certain amount and we trust in God to help us achieve this. We know if we are on the right path that God will reward us. If not, we will somehow find a way to spend time with my parents and to find better paying work for my spouse.  We ask for prayers and just help in getting our message out.



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