Why I Want To Support Circle & Bloom

I have been on the journey to be a mom for over 16 years; and through out that journey I have Googled for every tip I could find to help me achieve success.  It was in late 2013 that I was once again grasping at anything and hoping for a miracle.  Throughout my journey, seeing fertility doctors; and dealing with failed pregnancies, they were never able to tell me why I couldn’t conceive successfully.  The only thing they ever could tell me was that I needed to learn to relax and not think so much.  Now anyone who has been on this journey, can tell you that is almost impossible.  When you are trying to conceive, you have to track your period, ovulation and time medicines, etc.  The only thing you are doing is thinking about it, because every moment of your life is planned around conception.

Then, as I was searching on the web, I happened upon a website called Circle & Bloom.  Reading the information on the website, I realized that they were selling CD’s that addressed the fertility journey.  The whole premise of their products is about meditation, you pick the CD that fits your situation and listen to it.  Sounds a little bit simple, right?  That’s what I thought, a little too good to be true, I thought.  They have a demo you can download for free, and I listened to it for about two months before I went ahead and purchased the CD set for Natural Conception.

Honestly, I am not good at meditation.  My brain goes constantly and doesn’t much like to shut down.  But I would listen to the CD every night as I drifted off to sleep.  And I would often wake up and it was still going.  So then I had it put on my Ipod, so it would shut off after the appropriate day played.  Well, there is no better proof that something works then the end result.  And after years of trying to have a successful pregnancy; I am now a very proud mother.

So it is a goal of mine to find a way to make these CD sets available to anyone who needs them.  I’m not wealthy by no means, I am poor (financially).  But it is a hope of mine to find a way to partner with doctors, and Circle & Bloom and provide so many vouchers a year to people in need.  I’m not sure exactly how to work out all the details, but I have hopes that God will provide a way to make it happen.  For now the best I can do is to bring awareness of this product and to let people know it is worth the costs.  No one can guarantee it will work for you, but a big part of being able to conceive is being able to relax; as stress can cause your cycle to be off.

Check them out:  http://www.circlebloom.com


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